Prospective Undergrad Students

The Department of Chemistry is a great place for interested students to learn the vast range of what molecules can do – from keeping us safe, to understanding recognition mechanisms between cells, to critical needs to tackle major problems such as renewable energy. Students are not just passive learners in courses, but have the opportunity to be actively engaged in the creation of new knowledge by participation in mentored undergraduate research. Typical first-year course work and AP class credit are described below. Course descriptions and schedules can be found here.  Other common questions may be answered on our FAQ page or by contacting the department.

Majors Offered

The Department of Chemistry offers two majors, Chemistry and Biochemistry. Students in both majors begin their first year by taking General Chemistry for Majors I and II CHEM 055 & 057 (FALL lecture & lab) and CHEM 056 & 058 (SPRING lecture & lab).  Students with an AP score of 5 may opt to take Intro to Research Experimentation CHEM 064 during the first FALL semester in lieu of CHEM 057.  We also recently introduced an optional 1-credit First Year Seminar CHEM 067 course to try to better introduce and integrate students to the department. 

Courses in the first year

Biochemistry majors and Chemistry majors interested in pursuing pre-med studies typically also take Intro Biology I in their first year.  Both majors also typically complete the Calculus requirement in the first year, and take general education courses (e.g. theology, foreign language) and electives.