Spring 2023 Seminar Series

Please see the Seminar Series page for the most up-to-date information.
TU, January 17
2:00 PM, Reiss 264
Prashant Pandey
Thesis Seminar:
“Revisiting the molecular recognition and solid state properties of dimethoxypillar[5]arene”.
Host: Holman
TH, February 2
3:00 PM, Regents 109
Professor Howard Katz
Johns Hopkins University
“Active Conjugated Systems in Dielectrics, Thermoelectrics, and Sensors”
Host: Gavvalapalli
TH, February 9,
3:00PM, Regents 109
Prof. Samy El-Shall (GU Alumnus)
Virginia Commonwealth University
“Organic Chemistry in Space: Formation Mechanisms and Stepwise Solvation of Astrochemical Relevant Ions in the Gas Phase”
Host: Kertesz
TU, February 14,
2:00 PM, Reiss 264
Jen Mann
Thesis Seminar:
“Data Mining of Molecular Solvates and the Desolvation Pathways of Four Niclosamide Solvates”
Host: Swift
TH, February 16
3:00 PM, Regents 109
Prof. Matthew Lockett
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Quantifying oxygen’s role in promoting aggressive cancer phenotypes with a paper-based 3D culture platform”
Host: Jorabchi
TU, February 28
2:00 PM, Reiss 264
Megan Fleming
Thesis Seminar:
“Pure and Dye-Doped Cytosine Monohydrate Crystals under Thermal and Mechanical Stress”
Host: Swift
TU, March 21
2:00 PM, Reiss 264
Alexander Marwitz
Thesis Seminar:
“Structure-property relationships of phosphorescent bismuth-organic materials”.
Host: Knope
TH, March 30
3:00 PM, Regents 109
Dr. Marina Šekutor
Ruđer Bošković Institute
Hosts: Wolf/Gavvalapalli
TH, April 13
3:00 PM, Regents 109
Prof. Liane M. Moreau
Washington State University
“Nanoscale nuclear materials: synthesis and advanced x-ray characterization of uranium oxide nanoparticles”
Host: Knope
TU, April 18
3:00 PM, Reiss 264
Andrew Stoner
Thesis Seminar:
Host: Hahm
TH, April 20
3:00 PM, Regents 109
Prof. John Alumasa (GU Alumnus)
The Pennsylvania State University
“Employing multifaceted strategies to tackle infections caused by prevalent antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogen”
Host: Roepe
TU, April 25
2:00 PM
Reiss 264
Danielle Beaupre
Thesis Seminar:
“Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties of Some 12-Substituted Octadecyl Fatty Acid Gelators. II. Preparation and Properties of Disulfides of Poly(dimethylsiloxane)s from Thiolated Poly(dimethylsiloxane)s” 
Host: Weiss
TH, April 27
3:00 PM, Regents 109
Dr. Richard Wilson
Argonne National Laboratory
“Periodic Properties in f-element Chemistry, Insights from Synthesis and Structure”
Host: Knope
TU, May 16
2:00 PM, Reiss 264
Stephen Dokas
Thesis Seminar:
“Allosteric regulation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis cAMP receptor protein: a structural and thermodynamic study”
Host: Maillard
Wed, May 31
9:30am – 3:00pm
7th Semester Graduate Student Seminars.