Spring 2022 Seminar Series

Postponed to Fall 2022 Prof. Dinari Harris
Howard University
Host: Ichiye
Postponed to Fall 2022 Prof. Tim Swager
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Host: Gavvalapalli
Postponed to Fall 2022 Prof. Jeremiah Gassensmith
University of Texas at Dallas
Host: Braselmann
TH, February 17
2pm, Via Zoom
Dr. Lora Angelova
The National Archives, United Kingdom
Host: Weiss
Science in the Stacks: Heritage Science and Conservation Research at The National Archives (UK)
TH, February 24
2pm, Via Zoom
Prof. Andre Clayborne
George Mason University
Host: Ichiye
“Understanding the properties of inorganic-organic hybrid nano-systems”
TH, March 3
Dr. Marina Solomos
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Host: Swift
TH, March 10,
2pm, Regents 109
Prof. Keyode D. Oshin
Creighton University
Host: Stoll
FR, March 11
1st Year Graduate Student Literature Seminar
TH, March 17
Prof. Paris Svoronis
Queenborough Community College, CUNY
Host: Weiss
TH, April 7
2pm, Regents 109
Prof. Mike Haley
University of Oregon
Hosts: Profs. Gavvalapalli and Kertesz
TH, April 14
Prof. George Christou
University of Florida
Host: Knope
TH, April 21
Prof. Matt Fergson
Boise State University
Host: Braselmann
TH, April 28
Prof. Jakub Kostal
George Washington University
Host: Ichiye

ZOOM links to the seminars will be sent individually to members of the Chemistry Department. People outside of the department may request access by email. (

21st Century Postdoctoral Fellow to Conduct Cutting Edge Research Across Labs

December 2nd, 2020

Louise Djapgne, a new 21st Century Postdoctoral Fellow for the Department of Chemistry, brings her skills as a molecular biologist to the field of biophysics at Georgetown in order to advance research around the membrane transporter lacY permease.  “Being able to apply my expertise while learning new skills is beyond exciting,” Djapgne says. “Though I […]

Chemistry Professor Awarded Prestigious Fulbright Global Scholarship for Research on Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

October 20th, 2020

YuYe J. Tong, a professor in the Department of Chemistry and director of the Environmental Metrology & Policy Program, was awarded a competitive Fulbright Global Scholar Award for his collaborative research that examines more efficient and selective ways to convert the dominant greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) back to value-adding chemicals. The latter aims to help close a circular process for achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions.

New College Faculty for 2020-2021

September 2nd, 2020

Georgetown College is pleased to welcome 24 new full-time faculty members with primary appointments in 16 College departments and programs. This cohort will help enrich the student experience through their varied and nuanced areas of study.

Chemistry, History, Psychology: College Professors from Varied Disciplines Recognized as Provost’s Distinguished Professors

February 7th, 2020

Since 2016, a small group of faculty are selected each year to receive the honor of the Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professors. These educators have made a huge impact in their field of research while at the university, and have shared their passions with their students, the Georgetown community and beyond. This year, Department of History professor Kathryn de Luna, Department of Psychology professor Adam Green and Department of Chemistry professor Kaveh Jorabchi were three of the four faculty chosen.