Affiliated Programs

Environmental Metrology & Policy Program

The Master of Science in Environmental Metrology & Policy (EMAP) at Georgetown University is a top-notch interdisciplinary graduate program on applying best available science to environmental policy making for chemical pollution prevention and management.

Earth Commons

The Environment initiative is intended to facilitate cooperation and support between different environmental groups and departments at Georgetown University, as well as to help sustainability-minded students find organizations that suit their interests.

Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology

The emerging field of soft matter research deals with the study of materials that exist between rigid solids and flowing liquids. Familiar examples include foams, gels, adhesives, lubricants, and many biological materials, such as blood or tissue. The Institute comprises faculty primarily from the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, as well as Oncology in the Medical School.

Global Infectious Disease Graduate Program

This program integrates emerging infectious disease science with learning how to apply science through affecting government policy.  This is a newly emerging field and the Georgetown GID program is one of the oldest in existence.

Program on Science in the Public Interest

Located in the heart of the nation’s capital, the Program on Science in the Public Interest promotes direct dialog with the government on critical scientific issues and helps to develop the next generation of citizen scientists.

Center for the Environment

The Center for the Environment aims to provide an evolving forum for the discussion, dissemination, and awareness of environmental issues affecting all areas of scholarship, education, and service at Georgetown. A minor is offered to undergraduate students through this program.

Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area

Chemistry Students have the option to take elective courses from 13 member schools of the Consortium of Universities: American Univ., Catholic Univ. of America, Gallaudet Univ., George Mason Univ., George Washington Univ., Howard Univ., Marymount Univ., Southeastern Univ., Trinity Univ., Univ. of the District of Columbia, and Univ. of Maryland – College Park. For details of registration, please refer to the Registrar’s Consortium Registration page, or seek advice from the chemistry department office.