Fellowship Information

Details of departmental and university awards are listed below and may also be found on the Graduate School’s website.

Espenscheid Fellowship

To demonstrate the importance of the qualifying examinations, the Department of Chemistry offers an Espenscheid Fellowship to all students who (a) have not been enrolled previously in a graduate degree program in chemistry and (b) reach “excusing level” on four qualifying exams taken in the first attempt. The Espenscheid Fellowship serves as a supplement to the student’s stipend. Espenscheid Fellows are not required to teach during the summer after their first year, thereby affording them more time to conduct research.

Georgetown University Fellowship

Georgetown University Fellowships are highly-competitive and prestigious awards offered to the most outstanding applicants to doctoral programs in the Graduate School. University Fellows receive a supplemental stipend plus full tuition support for up to five years, assuming satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. University Fellows are required to provide service to the Department, either as research or teaching assistants, for a total of three years, and the Department decides which years of the fellowship will be used for Department service. Fellows, as all other students receiving financial aid, are reviewed annually.

The University Fellowship is offered to a limited number of newly-admitted Ph.D. students each year. On the basis of departmental nominations, a Graduate School Fellowship Committee will recommend the awardees to the Dean of the Graduate School.

Because departmental nominations are due in early to mid-March, only applicants whose applications are complete by 1 March will be considered for departmental nomination.

Patrick Healy Graduate Fellowship

Named in honor of Georgetown’s 28th President, Patrick Healy, the first African-American to earn a doctorate degree, and the first African-American President of Georgetown University (1874–1882), the Healy Fellowship is intended to further Georgetown’s commitment to creating a diverse community composed of the most qualified students.  The Program is designed to help recruit and retain graduate students who are talented individuals of the highest caliber and who might otherwise find it difficult or impossible to successfully pursue a doctoral degree. The Graduate School is committed to training diverse future faculty, researchers, and leaders who will enrich critical thinking, knowledge generation, and knowledge advancement across all disciplines. Diversity is a crucial element in preparing students for the service of others.  Healy Fellowships will be awarded to students whose background or experience, when evaluated holistically, suggests they are uniquely able to contribute to the diversity of the Georgetown community and to the academic profession as a whole. 

Support will be provided to Patrick Healy Fellows for twelve months per year for up to five years, assuming satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. Because departmental nominations are due in February, only applicants whose applications are complete by 1 February will be considered for departmental nomination.

External Funding Opportunities

Information on additional funding opportunities can be found from the American Chemical Society.