Michelle Bertke
Assistant Teaching Professor
Reiss Science Building, Room # 240A
Phone: 202-687- 5954
Email: mmb341@georgetown.edu

Esther Braselmann
Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor
Regents Hall, Room # 532
Phone: 202-687-6090
Email: Esther.Braselmann@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Development of RNA labeling strategies and fluorescence microscopy to track RNAs in living cells

Ron Davis
Associate Teaching Professor
Basic Science Building, Room # 103
Phone: 202-687- 3566
Email: rbd34@georgetown.edu

Angel C. de Dios
Associate Professor
Regents Hall, Room # 312
Phone: 202-687-0670
Email: dediosa@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Application of NMR and ab initio calculations to systems of biological interest

Song Gao
Teaching Professor
Regents Hall, Room # 432
Email: sg1783@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: tropospheric aerosol chemistry, ozone depletion, environmental chemistry, science-based policy making

Nagarjuna Gavvalapalli
Associate Professor
Basic Science, Room # 113
Phone: 202-687-0693
Email: ng554@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Design and synthesis of organic materials/polymers to address energy and sustainability challenges

Diana Glick
Teaching Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Regents Hall, Room # 211A
Phone: 202-687-5961
Email: glickdc@georgetown.edu

Jong-in Hahm
Regents Hall, # 520
Email: JongIn.Hahm@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Fundamental nanoscience research to advance biomedical, electronic, and environmental applications.

K. Travis Holman
Basic Science Building, Room # 111
Phone: 202-687-4027
Email: Travis.Holman@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Synthesis of microporous organic or metal-organic materials, chemical separations, and crystallography

Toshiko Ichiye (on leave)
Professor, William G. McGowan Chair in Chemistry
Reiss Science Building, Room # 226
Phone: 202-687-3724
Email: ti9@georgetown.edu

Kaveh Jorabchi
Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor
Regents Hall, Room # 528
Phone: 202-687-2066
Email: kj256@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Development and application of mass spectrometry techniques to address chemical measurement challenges in biological, environmental, food, and forensic sciences

Miklos Kertesz
Regents Hall, Room # 424
Phone: 202-687-5761
Email: Kertesz@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Applied quantum chemistry for conducting organic molecules and polymers, π-stacking, and unusual chemical bonds

Karah Knope
Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Regents Hall, Room # 418
Phone: 202-687-5937
Email: kek44@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Synthesis and structural chemistry of inorganic materials that address fundamental challenges in the areas of energy, the environment, and sustainability

Rodrigo Maillard
Associate Professor
Regents Hall, Room # 518
Phone: 202-784-7146
Email: ram279@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Effects of protein conformation, dynamic motions, and stability on functional processes such as catalysis, binding cooperativity, and allostery

Steven Metallo
Associate Professor
Regents Hall, Room # 316
Phone: 202-687-2065
Email: sjm24@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Biochemistry of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs), and the chemical interactions that control both small molecule binding and phase separation

Janeth Presores
Associate Teaching Professor
Regents Hall, Room # 217C
Phone: 202-687- 5231
Email: jbp32@georgetown.edu

Paul D. Roepe
Regents Hall, Room # 314
Phone: 202-687-7300
Email: roepep@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Biochemical mechanisms of drug resistance, and the development of chemical biology approaches for studying malarial parasite protein function

Milena Shahu
Teaching Professor
Regents Hall, Room # 219B
Phone: 202-687-4094
Email: ms756@georgetown.edu

Sarah Stoll
Regents Hall, Room # 416
Phone: 202-687-5839
Email: sls55@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Magnetic nanoparticles studies with applications in semiconductors and development of cluster-nanocarriers as MRI contrast agents

Jennifer A. Swift
Vorisek Professor, Department Chair
Regents Hall, Room # 522
Phone: 202-687-5567
Email: jas2@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Organic molecular crystal properties and transformations, crystal-deposition diseases, and nitrogen handling in uricotelic species

YuYe Tong
White-Gravenor, Room # 408B
Phone: 202-687-5872
Email: yyt@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Electrocatalysis and nanomaterials science related to clean energy generation/storage

Christian Wolf
Basic Science Building, Room # 109
Phone: 202-687-3468
Email: cw27@georgetown.edu
Research Interests: Synthetic methodology development, asymmetric catalysis, C-F bond functionalization, stereochemistry, and medicinal chemistry

Oscar Zimerman
Assistant Teaching Professor
Reiss Science Building, Room # 240
Email: zimermao@georgetown.edu