REU Alumni

Left to Right: Arash Banisafar, Evan Green, Vinay Trivedi-Parmar, Marissa Milchak, Zach Fox, Chardai Grays, Tyler Farnsworth, Rochelle Osborne, Jessica Lucas

Participants and Their Research:

Arash Banisafar, Michigan State University (‘13)
“Is the Cup Half Empty or Half Full: Functionalizing Guest Free Cavitands” (Prof. Holman)

Tyler Farnsworth, University of South Carolina Upstate (‘13)
“Interesting Materials from Polysiloxanes via Simple Chemistry” (Prof. Weiss)

Zach Fox, University of Utah (’12)
“Study of Anisotropy in van der Waals Radii for Sulfur and Phosphorus using the CSD and Computational Theory” (Prof. Kertesz)

Chardai Grays, Dillard University (’13)
“Search for an Autophagy Pathway in Plasmodium falciparum” (Prof. Roepe)

Evan Green, Reed College (’13)
“Is .NO Stabilization the Answer? Modeling Type 1 Copper RSNO Intermediates” (Prof. Warren)

Jessica Lucas, Simmons College (’12)
“Synthesis of Shape Controlled AU Nanoparticles and Pt Deposition” (Prof. Tong)

Marissa Milchak, Washington & Jefferson College (‘12)
“Nanoscale Polymeric Structures as Biotemplates: Towards High-Throughput, High Density Protein Sensors” (Prof. Hahm)

Rochelle Osborne, Howard University (‘12)
“Crystal Growth and Polymorphism in m-Substituted Diphenyl Ureas” (Prof. Swift)

Vinay Trivedi-Parmar, Skidmore College (’12)
“Drug Discovery for the Treatment of Giardia Lamblia” (Prof. Wolf)

Left to Right: Dan Olszewski, Lyndsey Brightful, Natasha Khatri, Coy Eakes, Lily Hoffman, David Wyatt, Jennifer Oliva, Lucas Evans

Participants and Their Research:

Lyndsey Brightful, Hampton University (’12)
“Synthesis and Characterization of Meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinic Acid (DMSA) Protected Silver Nanoparticles” (Prof. Tong)

Coy Eakes, Guilford College (’11)
“Binding of Small Molecule Inhibitor Analogs to c-Myc Oncoprotein” (Prof. Metallo)

Lucas Evans, Wabash College (’12)
“Nitrogen Containing Derivatives of (R)-12-Hydroxystearic Acid” (Prof. Weiss)

Lily Hoffman, Washington & Jefferson College (’11)
“The Synthetic and Mechanistic Study of Bis(diphosphino)hydrazine Ligands in Rhodium (I) Based Hydroformylation” (Prof. Moasser)

Natasha Khatri, Fordham University (’11)
“Co-crystallization of 1,3-Bis(m-cyanophenyl)urea with Guest Compounds” (Prof. Swift)

Jennifer Oliva, University of the Incarnate Word (’11)
“Insights into Nitric Oxide Processing at Copper” (Prof. Warren)

Dan Olszewski, University of Michigan-Dearborn (’11)
“Gadolinium Doped Europium Monosulfide” (Prof. Stoll)

David Wyatt, North Carolina State University (’11)
“Drug Discovery for the Treatment of Giardia lamblia” (Prof. Wolf)

Standing: David Hyde-Volpe, Steven McKerrall, Carl Luongo, Eric Miller, Andrew Proffitt
Seated: Suzanne Gouda, Blessing Deeyaa, Sierra Mitchell, Candice Thompson, Amy Zhou

Participants and Their Research:

Blessing Deeyaa, Georgia State University (’10)
“Synthesis of Lanthanide-chalcogenide semiconducting nanoparticles” (Prof. Stoll)

David Hyde-Volpe, Clemson University (’10)
“Vibrational Characterization of a Divacancy Defect in Cubic Diamond” (Prof. Kertesz)

Carl Luongo, Chestnut Hill College (’10)
“Dibenzotetraaza[14]annulenes: Analytical & Catalytic Applications” (Prof. Rubinson)

Steven McKerrall, University of Maryland – Baltimore County (’10)
“Chemistry of Aryl Copper (III) Amides” (Prof. Warren)

Eric Miller, Alfred University (’10)
“Template-Controlled Regio- and Stereoselective [2+2] Cycloadditions” (Prof. Wolf)

Sierra Mitchell, Georgia Southern University (’10)
“Macrocycle Synthesis via Dynamic Covalent Chemistry” (Prof. Holman)

Andrew Proffitt, Quinnipiac University (’10)
“Preparation and Gelation Studies of N-Propyl-N-®-12-hydroxyoctadecylammonium Salts” (Prof. Weiss)

Candice Thompson, Howard University (’11)
“Design and Synthesis of a Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Inhibitor with an Integrated BODIPY Fluorophore” (Prof. Brown)

Amy Zhou, University at Buffalo (’10)
“Synthesis of Shape-Controlled Silver Nanocubes via Polyol Methods” (Prof. Tong)

Suzanne Gouda, Emory University (’11)
“Formation of Proteoliposomes Harboring Various Isoforms of the Plasmodium falciparum Multi Drug Resistance Protein (PMDR1)” (Prof. Roepe)

Standing: Katherina Avila, Stevi Hooper, Joye Kallgren, Stevara Moses, Daniel Seidenberg, Ryan Vary
Seated: Aura Labatete, Erica Comstock, Breeana Grogan, Eric Whetmore

Participants and Their Research:

Katherina Avila, University of Dallas (’10)
“Cancer Detection at the Molecular Level: Designing an ‘Activatable’MRI Contrast Agent” (Prof. Moasser)

Erica Comstock, West Virginia Wesleyan College (’09)
“Formation and Isolation of QN-Heme Adduct in Solution” (Prof. Roepe)

Stevi Hooper, Howard University (’09)
“Synthesis of Ni(II)-SDBTAA Modified Polymers” (Prof. Rubinson)

Breeana Grogan, Georgetown University (’09)
“The Binding Affinity and Specificity of Oncogenic Myc and Max Proteins in vitro” (Prof. Metallo)

Joye Kallgren, Alma College (’09)
“An NMR Study of Antimalarial Quinoline Drugs” (Prof. de Dios)

Aura Labatete, Catholic University (’10)
“Luminescence in Copper Halide Ligand Compounds” (Prof. Stoll)

Stevara Moses, Virginia Commonwealth University (’09)
“Crystal Growth of Meta-Substituted Phenyl Ureas Using Silane Monolayers” (Prof. Swift)

Daniel Seidenberg, Elmhurst College (’09)
“Exploring Metal Enolates as Intermediates for C-N and CC Bond Formation” (Prof. Warren)

Ryan Vary, Guilford College (’09)
“Searching for Unusual C-C Bonds by Modeling the Graphite to Diamond sp2-sp3 Transition Mechanistically with ab initio Calculations and Plots Based on the CSD” (Prof. Kertesz)

Eric Whetmore, Friends University (’10)
“Synthesis of Heme-Targeted Antimalarial Drugs” (Prof. Wolf)

Back: Farnoush Ghaderi, Elizabeth Essinger-Hileman, Aaron Danberry, Stephanie Kingsbury, Daniel Clingerman
Front: Melat Abiye, Michelle Theroux, William Aumiller, Rachael Glassford, Patrick Robichaux, Victoria Harrison

Participants and Their Research:

Melat Abiye, Texas Woman’s University (’09)
“The Effects of Cations on the Crystal Structure of Uric Acid Dihydrate” (Prof. Swift)

William Aumiller, Juniata College (’08)
“Synthesis of manganese-oxo clusters as MRI contrast agents” (Prof. Stoll)

Daniel Clingerman, Washington and Jefferson College (’09)
“Synthesis of Benzamides Utilizing Copper Catalyzed C-H Activation Protocol with Acyl Azides” (Prof. Warren)

Aaron Danberry, Minnesota State University – Mankato(’08)
“Electrochemical NMR Investigation of Carbon-Supported PtRu Electrocatalysts” (Prof. Tong)

Elizabeth Essinger-Hileman, University of New Haven (’08)
“Electron Transport Properties of Rubredoxins” (Prof. Ichiye)

Rachael Glassford, Calvin College (’08)
“The DNA Binding Specificity of Myc and Max Proteins” (Prof. Metallo)

Stephanie Kingsbury, Carthage College (’08)
“Patterns in Radical-Radical Bonding” (Prof. Kertesz)

Patrick Robichaux, Louisiana State University (’08)
“Toward Sulfonyl-Functionalized Molecular Capsules” (Prof. Holman)

Mia Theroux, Bryn Mawr College (’09)
“Activatable Contrast Agents for Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging” (Prof. Moasser)

Back: Robert Palomino, Ryuk Byun, Andrew Daab, Brian Konzman
Front: Tanya Michelle Corder, Lauren Katkish, Laura Grande, Lauren Stone, Nicole Honesty

Participants and Their Research:

Ryuk Byun, University of Virginia (’08)
“Kinetic Analysis of Solution Mediated Transformation of Uric Acid Dihydrate to Uric Acid” (Prof. Swift)

Tanya Michelle Corder, Bryn Mawr College (’08)
“Total Synthesis of 1,8-Diacridylnaphthalene” (Prof. Wolf)

Andrew Daab, Gordon College (’07)
“Effectors of Myc and Max DNA Binding” (Prof. Metallo)

Laura Grande, La Salle University (’07)
“Synthesis and Luminescence Study of a Series of Copper(I)-Halide-Ligand Coordination Solids” (Prof. Stoll)

Nicole Honesty, Texas A&M University (’07)
“Synthesis and characterization of polyoxometalate-protected Pt nanoparticles” (Prof. Tong)

Lauren Katkish, College of William and Mary (’08)
“Towards the Use of Dynamic Covalent Chemistry in the Construction of Large Molecular Arrays” (Prof. Holman)

Brian Konzman, University of Scranton (’08)
“Polymerizable Dibenzotatraaza[14] annulene Derivatives” (Prof. Rubinson)

Lauren Ligon, Virginia Tech (’07)
“Expressing Malarial PH1 PFRCT Protein in Yeast” (Prof. Roepe)

Robert Palomino, St. John’s University (’07)
“A Study of Cu(I) and Ni(I) beta-diketamate Catalyzed Cyclopropanation with Sulfur Ylides” (Prof. Warren)