Spring ’22 1st Year Grad Student Lit Seminar

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On Friday March 11 six first year graduate students presented at the Spring 2022 1st Year Graduate Student Literature Seminar.  This annual event takes place each Spring semester, often near the end of spring break.  It is typically the first time the department’s newest graduate students have the opportunity to give a presentation to the department.  The six students speaking at the seminar were Tom McCusker from the Knope Lab, Emilia Moscoso from the Braselmann Lab, Alexandra Stuer from the Ichiye Lab, Qintao Jia from the Holman Lab, Andrew Hoy from the Maillard Lab, and Karisma Agrawal from the Swift Lab.  Topics ranged from Thorium nanoclusters, to protein structure prediction, to porous organic cage membranes and everything in between.  This year’s event was well attended and marked an exciting return to in-person presentations while also offering a virtual option for attendees.