Discovery Summit

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On April 1st, the Georgetown Chemistry department took part in the GUMSHOE organized Discovery Summit. Undergraduates from the Chem Club welcomed 35 students to the lab for a variety of hands on experiments.

Students observed a Tollens test reaction with the end result showing a mirrored surface on a petri dish. It is very striking to see the clear colorless solution become yellow, then black, then a thick brown sludge resting on the bottom of the petri dish. It was then rinsed to reveal a smooth, shiny, very reflective silver coating on the glass.  Elephant toothpaste with different concentrations of peroxide was also a dramatic reaction. It steamed and the soapy bubbles were hot which was surprising to the students. The visiting students did rotations in physics and biology as well. 

We want to thank Daniel Stass and Katie Henderson for planning, setting up and carrying out the experiments with the visiting students.  In addition to Daniel and Katie, Tessa Block, Alexa Fox and Jordan Schuman volunteered for the day and helped make everything go smoothly.  Thank you to our amazing undergraduates!