Davina Adderley contributes to the Voices of Black Talent in Chemistry

Davina Adderley

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Davina Adderley, a graduate student in Dr. Steve Metallo’s research lab, was part of an author group that published an important editorial about Black talent in chemistry (and sciences broadly) in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. This article highlights the positive steps taken towards inclusion of marginalized groups in the STEM fields in addition to acknowledging the critical work that still needs to be accomplished.

The authors focused on recommendations for retention of Black talent in chemistry. The full article covers the reasons for lack of retention and their recommendations which include early involvement in research, emphasis on inclusive pedagogy, partnership with admissions, and representation.

The chemistry department is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion works and thanks Davina on her leadership role in these important discussions.

Voices of Black Talent in Chemistry: Retention Strategies and Personal Success Stories. (new window) Thais Scott, Davina Adderley, Yasmin Ali, Michael Amanuel, Alexis Blake, Makalya Callender, Camryn Carter, Hilary Djomnang Fokwa, Reginald O. Gooden, Abra Granger, Kiana Gunn, Afryea Henderson, Michael Kitimet, Erica Modeste, Zachary Stewart, Joel Teah, Salmika Wairegi, Lyneisha Wright Ward, and Carol A. Parish Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023 145 (23), 12426-12428 DOI: 10.1021/jacs.3c05185