Congratulations to the 2024 Chemistry Department Graduates

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On May 17, the chemistry department came together to celebrate the 2024 graduates of the undergraduate and graduate programs. There were 7 chemistry undergraduate majors, 14 biochemistry undergraduate majors, 9 PhDs degrees earned, and 3 masters degrees earned.

Ph.D. Graduates

Joel Swanson (Colloidal Preparation of Rare Earth Telluride Nanomaterials)
Kaitlyn Frankenfield (An in Situ Surface-Enhanced Infrared Spectroscopy Investigation of Formic Acid Oxidation Reaction on Palladium and Platinum Electrocatalysts: Mechanistic Insights and Methodology)
Fatima Hameed (Design, development and synthesis of π-conjugated nanoporous ladder polymers)
Sachith “Roch” De Silva (Small Molecule Binding to Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Site Portability and Sequence Specificity)
Alyssa Thorton (Characterization and phase transformation of biogenic and synthetic uric acid forms)
Stephen Dokas (Exploring Allostery in the CAMP-Receptor Protein from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Through Structural and Thermodynamic Amino Acid Substitution)
Bailang Lui (Understanding Dynamics and Structural Properties of Osmolytes and Water)
Manikandan Mohanan (Cycloalkyl Strapped Monomers for the Controlled Synthesis of Higher Dimensional π-Conjugated Materials)
Danielle Beaupre (I. Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties of Low Molecular Mass Fatty Acid Gelators. II. Poly(Dimethylsiloxane)s Functionalized with Thiols and Disulfides)

Masters Graduates
Francis, Victor S. (Fall 2023)
Mohanaraj, Durga S.
Ochonma, Charles C.

Undergraduate graduates

Alvarado Rojas, Kiaris A. Biochemistry
Calvert, Benjamin M. Biochemistry
Composto, Aimee S. Biochemistry
Gregory, Susanna M. Biochemistry
Henderson, Katherine H. Biochemistry
Kanopka, Kenan Biochemistry
Lin, YuJai Biochemistry
Park, Anna S. Biochemistry
Pham, Angelette N. Biochemistry
Schemm, Jonas B. Biochemistry
Steber, Sarah E. Biochemistry
Taheripour, Armin Biochemistry
Whittington, Michael R. Biochemistry
Yuan, Andi Biochemistry
Christopher Waldman, Jacqueline A. Chemistry
Coyne, Jacquelyn N. Chemistry
DelCore, Carina L. Chemistry
Ely, Siona P. Chemistry
Paonessa, Sampson T. Chemistry
Smith, Emily E. Chemistry
Zhao, Baiyue Chemistry