Fall 2020 Seminars

Fall 2020

ZOOM links to the seminars will be sent individually to members of the Chemistry Department. People outside of the department may request access by email. (lemlemt@georgetown.edu)

Fall 2020 Seminars
Tuesday, 15 September
2:00 pm

Prof. Kaveh Jorabchi
William McMahon
Thesis Seminar
Pulsed Nano-ESI: Enhanced Analytical Capabilities and Insights into Ion Generation
Thursday, 24 September
2:00 pm

Prof. Rodrigo Maillard
Prof. Daniel Kraut
Villanova University
Mode of Targeting to the Proteasome Determines GFP Fate
Thursday, 8 October
12:30 pm

Profs. Tong & Elemendorf co-hosting
Prof. Raychelle Burcks
American University
Illicit indications: colorimetric and fluorometric visualizations for forensic science
Thursday, 15 October
2:00 pm

Prof. Timothy Warren
Prof. Osvaldo Gutierrez
University of Maryland
Combining Theory and Experiment to develop selective Three-Component Fe-Catalyzed Radical Cascade/Cross-Couplings
Thursday, 22 October
2:00 pm

Prof. Rodrigo Maillard
Prof. Giuseppe Melacini
McMaster University
Allosteric Regulation of Protein Kinases
Thursday, 29 October
Prof. Nick Levinson
University of Minnesota
Divergent allosteric coupling in cyclin-dependent kinases drives differential recognition of Cdk2 and Cdk4 inhibitors
Thursday, 12 November
2:00 pm

Prof. Miklos Kertesz
Dr. Yunlong (Elon) Zhang
New Insights from Imaging Petroleum Hydrocarbons with non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy
Thursday, 3 December

Prof. Rodrigo Maillard
Dr. Jason Lin
Application Scientist at
Versatile Tools Towards Real-time Single-molecule Biology: From Structure to Function
Tuesday, 1 December
2:00 pm

Prof. Kaveh Jorabchi
Kunyu Zheng
Thesis Seminar
Enhanced Ionization Approaches for Elemental Detection of Organochlorines and Organofluorines