Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club is a group of undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry majors at Georgetown. Its main function is to establish a sense of community among chemistry and biochemistry majors, through the planning of social events and through outreach to the Georgetown community as a whole.

Recent activities are highlighted below:

Tutoring Opportunity for Georgetown Students

Frog Tutoring is looking to hire Georgetown Chemistry students to work as tutors and mentors to students in the Washington DC Area.  Anyone interested in applying to the tutor position should submit their application and unofficial transcript on their website  This is a paid position.  Please click here to learn more

Tutoring Services
Every Wednesday and Sunday nights during the school year, Juniors and Seniors of the Chemistry Club provide a free tutoring session to help anyone taking General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry. For the 2015/2016 school year, tutoring takes place in Regents Hall 209, every Sunday and Monday from 8-10PM.

Undergraduate Student Invited Speaker
Starting in 2010-2011 school year, the Chemistry Club decided to become more involved in the Departmental Seminar Series by inviting a speaker to give a lecture. Professor Stephen Lippard of MIT, recipient of the National Medal of Science for his research on platinum anti-cancer drugs, provided the inaugural lecture. Prof. Lippard’s seminar was entitled "Inorganic Chemistry in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment."

Group Events
cakeIn order to foster a sense of community among majors at all levels, the Chemistry Club has organized several events throughout the year. Most notably, the Chemistry Club came together to celebrate Mole Day (10/23) by decorating a Mole Day cake (right) and making guacaMOLE. Also, "The Propyl People Ethers" competed in the men's Intramural Flag Football league, finishing with a 3-2 record and barely missing the playoffs. The Propyl People Ethers followed up this impressive performance by going all the way to the finals in the Co-Ed intramural Softball Fall Classic.

Volunteering at Georgetown Hospital
This program was started during the 2000/2001 school year by a group of undergraduates in the Chemistry Club. Initially, students would go over a couple times a month to perform hands-on demonstrations for the children at the pediatric unit of the Lombardi Cancer center. This year, Chemistry Club members have gone to the hospital at least once a week, working closely with the Child Life Specialists. Our members do experiments such as Invisible Ink, Making Slime, and Baking Soda Volcanoes. The kids love it!

Previous Chemistry Club events may be found included "Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Party," "Chemistry Club Barbeques," "Research Opportunities Information Session," and more. For more information, contact Prof. Yang and/or the Chemistry Club.