Seminar Series

Spring 2019

Date/Host Speaker Title
Thursday 24 January
Prof. Nag Gavvalapalli
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm
Professor Emily Pentzer
Case Western Univrsity

"Assembly of 2D Particles at Fluid-Fluid Interfaces to Architect Advanced Composite Materials"

Thursday 31 January
Prof. Richard Weiss
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm

Prof. Kathryn Beers
NIST (National Institute of Standards)

"Precision Polymer Synthesis to Improve Measurements:
From polyolefins to densely grafted polymers"

Thursday 7 February
Prof. Karah Knope
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm

Prof. Omar Farha
Northwestern University

"Programmable Smart Sponges"

Thursday 14 February
Prof. Christian Wolf
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm
Prof. Lyle Isaacs

University of Maryland

"Cucurbit[n]uril molecular containers: From Basic Science to Drug Delivery" 

Thursday 21 February
Prof. Nag Gavvalapalli

Associate Professor Malika Jeffries
Boston University

Topic: Synthesis of pi-conjugated polymers for organic electronics

Thursday 28 February
Prof. Travis Holman
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm
Prof. Brenton DeBoef
University of Rhode Island

"New molecular and supramolecular architectures for binding xenon"

Friday 1 March
Prof. Toshiko Ichiye
White-Gravenor 208, 12:00 pm
Prof. A. Keith Dunker
Indiana Schools of Medicine and Informatics

"Intrinsically Disordered Proteins, Alternative Splicing, and Post-translational
Modification (IDP-AS-PTM): A Toolkit for Developmental Biology"

Tuesday 12 March
Prof. Richard Weiss
Reiss 112,  2:00 pm

Braja Gopal Bag
Vidyasagar University, India

"Self-assembly of renewable nano-sized triterpenoids".

Thursday 21 March
Profs. Ichiye and Roepe
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm
Prof. Laura-Isobel McCall
University of Oklahoma

"Contextualizing host-microbe interactions using chemical cartography"

Tuesday 26 March
Prof. Jennifer Swift
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm
Fan Liu
Thesis Seminar

"Mechanical Properties and Heterogeneous Growth of Uric Acid Crystals"

Thursday 28 March
Prof. Rodrigo Maillard
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm
Prof. Alfredo Angeles Boza
University of Connecticut

"At the Nexus of CO2 Reduction and Antimicrobial Activity"

Tuesday 9 April
Prof. Jong-in Hahm
Reiss112, 2:00 pm
Mr. Tian Xie
Thesis Seminar

"Single Molecular Level Investigation of Guided Protein Adsorption and Assembly at Nanopatterned Surfaces"

Wednesday 10 April
Prof. Paul Roepe
Reiss 262, 3:30 PM
Ms. Laura Heller
Thesis Seminar

"Investigating the Mechanism of Action of Artemisinin Antimalarials and the Role of Ferriprotoporphyrin IX Heme"

Thursday 11 April
Prof. Jennifer Swift
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm

Dr. Amy Sargeant
The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre

“One Million Structures to Power Chemical Science”

Friday 12 April
Prof. Jennifer Swift
Regents 550, 10:00 am

Dr Amy Sargeant
The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC).

Cambridge Structure Database Workshop

Monday 15 April
ProfS. Swift & Holman
Regents 209, 12:00 PM
Prof. Wais Hosseini
University of Strasbourg

"Molecular Turnstiles"

Thursday 18 April

Prof. Luis Campus
Columbia University

"Materials Design for Third Generation Singlet Fission Solar Cells"

Thursday 25 April
Prof. Miklos Kertesz
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm

Prof. Marina Petrukhina
University at Albany, State University of New York


"Charging Carbon Bowls and Belts with Multiple Electrons: Self-Assembly and Metal Intercalation Trends"

Tuesday 21 May
Grad students' invited speaker
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm

Dr. Daniel Nocera
Harvard University

"A Sustainable and Renewable Cycle for Food and Fuels from Sunlight, Air and Water"

Thursday 20 June
Prof. Jong-in Hahm
Reiss 262, 2:00 pm
Mr. Matthew Hansen
Thesis Seminar

"Probing the Physical and Chemical Properties of ZnO Nanorods Using Confocal Raman Spectroscopy"

Tuesday 25 June
Prof. Travis Holman
Reiss 262, 2:00 pm
Ms. Amanda Ley
Thesis Seminar

"Heterogenization of Metallocyclopentadienyl Precatalysts Through Ligand Functionalization for Incorporation into Metal-Organometallic Frameworks"

Monday 1 July
Prof. Karah Knope
Reiss 262, 1:00 pm
Ms. Alyssa Adcock
Thesis Seminar

"Luminescent Bismuth(III)-Organic Compounds: Synthesis and Spectroscopic Properties"

Thursday 8 August
Prof. Rodrigo Maillard
Reiss 262, 2:00 pm
Ms. Yuxin Hao
Thesis Seminar

"Activation of Protein Kinase A Via Asymmetric Allosteric Coupling of Structurally Conserved Cyclic Nucleotide Binding Domains"

Thursday 22 August
Prof. Paul Roepe
Reiss 262, 2:00 pm,
Ms. Kalpana Iyengar
Thesis Seminar

"Targeting Plasmodium falciparum Phosphatidylinositol Kinases to Develop Next Generation Artemisinin Combination Therapies"