Seminar Series

Spring 2020

Wednesday 15 January
Prof. Travis Holman
Reiss 262, 3:30 pm
Prof. Jon Steed University of Durham “Control and Crystallization in Supramolecular Gels”
Thursday 16 January
Prof. Nag Gavvalapalli
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm
Prof. Luis Campus Columbia University “The Exciton Bond in Organic Molecules: Concepts for Catalysis and Solar Cells”
Tuesday 28 January
Prof. Rodrigo Maillard
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm
Ms. Sahar Foroutannejad
Thesis Seminar
“Single-Molecule Analysis of the Role of FAD in the Conformational Landscape of Drosophila Cryptochrome” 
Thursday 6 February
Prof. Karah Knope
Reiss 262, 2:00 pm
Prof. Suzanne Bart
Purdue University
“Making, Breaking, and Elucidating Uranium-Nitrogen Multiple Bonds”
Thursday 13 February
Prof. Paul Roepe
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm
Prof. Kateri H. DuBay
University of Virginia
“Modeling Self-Assembly within Spatially Complex and Temporally Variant Environments”
Thursday 20 February
Prof. Kaveh Jorabchi
Reiss 112, 2:00 
Seminar canceled 
Prof. Matthew Lockett
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill
“Quantifying oxygen’s role in promoting aggressive cancer phenotypes with a paper-based 3D culture platform”
Thursday 27 February
Prof. Miklos Kertesz
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm
Prof. Kelling Donald
University of Richmond
“Sigma-Hole Interactions and Their Roles in M-H Activation and Other Reactions in Model Systems”
Tuesday 3 March
Profs. Kaveh Jorabchi
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm
Prof. Israel Schechter
Technion University
Thursday 19 March
Prof. Rodrigo Maillard
Reiss 112, 2:00 Seminar Cancelled 
Prof. Giuseppe Melacini
McMaster University
“Allosteric Regulation of Protein Kinases”
Tuesday 31 March
Prof. Timothy H. Warren
Reiss 112, 2:00 
Seminar Cancelled 
Prof. Rhett Kempe
University of Bayreuth
“Catalysis for a More Sustainable Chemistry”
Thursday 2 April
Prof. Karah Knope
Reiss 112, 2:00 
Seminar Canceled
Prof. Benny Chang
The College of New Jersey
Thursday 9 April
Prof. Rodrigo Maillard
Reiss 112, 2:00 pm Seminar cancelled
Prof. Matthew Comstock
Michigan State University
“Angstrom-resolution optical tweezers: Seeing structure and function of biological molecular machines in real-time.”
Tuesday 21 April
Prof. Christian Wolf,
2:00 pm
Ms. Yushra Thanzeel Thesis Seminar “Accelerated asymmetric reaction screening  & sensing of biomolecules using small molecular probes”
Thursday 30 April, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PMDr. Stuart Cantrill
Chief Editor of Nature Chemistry
“The Nature of Chemistry Publishing”

Tuesday 26 May.
Prof. Jong-in Hahm
11:00 AM
Mr. Johnson Truong
Thesis Seminar
“Investigating the Fundamental Optical Properties of Single Zinc Oxide Nanorods as an Optical Waveguide for Biomedical Applications”

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Tuesday 23 June.
Timothy Warren
2:00 pm
Prof. Jen Heemstra Emory University“You belong: finding confidence in the face of self-doubt and impostor syndrome”

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Thursday 25 June.
Prof. Karah Knope
2:00 PM
Ms. Jennifer Wacker
Thesis Seminar
“Harnessing Noncovalent Interactions Towards the Stabilization of Actinide Complexes and Clusters”

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Thursday 30 July.
Prof. Christian Wolf
2:00 pm
Ms. Samantha Plicer
Thesis Seminar
“Synthesis, and High-throughput Applications of Small Molecule Chiroptical Probes”

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Thursday 20 August. Prof. Timothy H. Warren 2:00 pmMs. Christine Greene
Thesis Seminar
“Mechanistic Insights into Catalytic Bond Formation and Electrocatalytic Ammonia Oxidation”  
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