Seminar Series

Fall 2020

ZOOM links to the seminars will be sent individually to members of the Chemistry Department. People outside of the department may request access by email. (

Tuesday 15 September
Prof. Kaveh Jorabchi 2:00 pm
William McMahone
Thesis Seminar
“Pulsed Nano-ESI: Enhanced Analytical Capabilities and Insights into Ion Generation”

Thursday 24 September Prof. Rodrigo Maillard
2:00 pm
Prof. Daniel Kraut
Villanova University
“Mode of Targeting to the Proteasome Determines GFP Fate”

Thursday 8 October Profs. Tong & Elemendorf co-hosting
12:30 pm
Prof. Raychelle Burcks

American University
“Illicit indications: colorimetric and fluorometric visualizations for forensic science”
Thursday 15 October Prof. Timothy Warren
2:00 pm
Prof. Osvaldo Gutierrez University of Maryland“Combining Theory and Experiment to develop selective Three-Component Fe-Catalyzed Radical Cascade/Cross-Couplings”
Thursday 22 October Prof. Rodrigo Maillard, 2:00 pmProf. Giuseppe Melacini
McMaster University
“Allosteric Regulation of Protein Kinases”
Seminar for Thursday 29 October
Prof. Nick Levinson
University of Minnesota
“Divergent allosteric coupling in cyclin-dependent kinases drives differential recognition of Cdk2 and Cdk4 inhibitors”.
Thursday 12 November
Prof. Miklos Kertesz, 2:00 pm
Dr. Yunlong (Elon) Zhang
“New Insights from Imaging Petroleum Hydrocarbons with non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy”
Thursday 3 Decenver
Prof. Rodrigo Maillard, 2:00 pm
Dr. Jason Lin
Application Scientist at
“Versatile Tools Towards Real-time Single-molecule Biology: From Structure to Function”
Tuesday 1 December
Prof. Kaveh Jorabchi,
2:00 pm
Kunyu Zheng
Thesis Seminar
” Enhanced Ionization Approaches for Elemental Detection of Organochlorines and Organofluorines.” 
Thursday 14 January
Prof. Timothy Warren,
2:00 pm
Mahdi Raghibi 
Thesis seminar
“Electrocatalytic Ammonia Oxidation with Earth-Abundant Metal ‘Complexes”