Seminar Series

Fall 2022

TH, September 1
3pm, Regents 109
Prof. Ganesh Anand
Penn State
Host: Maillard
“Virus breathing, metastability and epitope dynamics by integrative mass spectrometry and cryo-EM”
TH, September 8,
3:00pm, Regents 109
Prof. Jeremiah Gassensmith
The University of Texas at Dallas
Host: Braselmann
“Guns, Germs, and MOFs”
TH, September 15,
3:00pm, via Zoom
Dr. Marina Solomos (GU PhD ’18)
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Host: Swift
“Leveraging Co-precipitated Amorphous Dispersions as Alternatives to Spray Drying”
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TU, September 20
2:00pm, ICC 105
Andrew Kelly
Thesis Seminar:
“η6-Metalation and the Switch-like activation of Halogen Bond Donors”
Host: Holman
TH, September 22
3pm, Regents 109
Dr. Adam Biacchi
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 
Host: Stoll
TH, September 29
3pm, Regents 109
Dr. Emiliano Carretti
Department of Chemistry and Consortium CSGI University of Florence
“Advances in Nanoscience for Art Conservation”
Host: Weiss
FR, October 7
4PM, Regents 109
Prof. Tim Swager
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
“Functional Porous Polymers from Bicyclic Bridged Building Blocks”
Host: Gavvalapalli
TH, October 20
3pm, Regents 109
Prof. Matt Ferguson
Boise State University
Host: Braselmann
TH, October 27
Prof. Harry Gray
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Host: Graduate Students
TU, November 8
2:00pm, WGH 206
7th Semester Graduate Student Seminar
TH, November 10
7th Semester Graduate Student Seminar
Tu, November 15
2:00pm, WGH 206
7th Semester Graduate Student Seminar
TH, December 1
3:00pm, Regents 109
Prof. Jianguo Mei
Purdue University
Host: Gavvalapalli