Seminar Series

Spring 2022

Postponed to Fall 2022Prof. Dinari Harris
Howard University
Host: Ichiye
Postponed to Fall 2022 Prof. Tim Swager
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Host: Gavvalapalli

Postponed to Fall 2022Prof. Jeremiah Gassensmith
University of Texas at Dallas
Host: Braselmann
TH, January 27
2pm, Via Zoom
Prof. Xiaodan Gu
University of Southern Mississipp
Host: Gavvalapalli
“Design strategies to predict and control semiconducting polymers’ dynamics”
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TH, February 3
2 pm, Via Zoom
Prof. Sergiy Rosokha
Ball State University
Host: Kertesz
“Anion-p and halogen bonding: unconventional intermolecular interactions at work
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TH, February 10
3 pm, Via Zoom
Prof. Hugo Bronstein
University of Cambridge
Host: Gavvalapalli
“Towards efficient organic solar cells: Understanding the relationship between conjugated polymer photophysics and their nanostructure”
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TH, February 17
2pm, Via Zoom
Dr. Lora Angelova
The National Archives, United Kingdom
Host: Weiss
Science in the Stacks: Heritage Science and Conservation Research at The National Archives (UK)
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FR, February 18
2pm, Via Zoom
Rongfeng Zheng
Thesis Seminar
“Chalcogenide-Stabilized Metal Nanoclusters: Synthesis, Characterizations and Applications”.
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TH, February 24
2pm, Via Zoom
Prof. Andre Clayborne
George Mason University
Host: Ichiye
“Understanding the properties of inorganic-organic hybrid nano-systems”
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Postponed to Fall 2022Dr. Marina Solomos
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Host: Swift
TH, March 10,
2pm, Regents 109
Prof. Keyode D. Oshin
Creighton University
“Catalyst Development & Kinetic Investigation of ATRA Reactions:
Integrating Undergraduate Research and Chemical Education”
Hosts: Swit and Knope
FR, March 11
9:30 – 12:00pm, Reiss 112
1st Year Graduate Student Literature Seminar
TH, March 17
2pm, Regents 109
Prof. Paris Svoronos
Queenborough Community College, CUNY
“From GED to Ph.D. or M.D.: How an Underprepared Student Can Achieve This Goal”
 Host: Weiss
TH, March 31
2pm, Regents 109
Dr. Nicole Vanagas (Knope group), Dr. Jenny England (Maillard group), Dr. Zhongyu Mou (Kertesz group), Dr. Gerry Brown (Weiss group)
TH, April 7
2pm, Regents 109
Prof. Mike Haley
University of Oregon
“Diarenoindacenes and Diindenoarenes: From Antiaromatic Semiconducting Materials to Stable, Tunable Organic Diradicals”
Hosts: Gavvalapalli and Kertesz
Tue, April 12
2:00pm, ICC 219A
Ryan Penhallurick
Thesis Seminar
“Proteins under Pressure: Adaptations in Deep-Sea Dihydrofolate Reductases”
Host: Ichiye
TH, April 14
2pm, Regents 109
Prof. George Christou
University of Florida
“Molecular Nanoparticles: A Molecular Route to Ultra-small Nanoparticles of Important Metal Oxides”
Host: Knope
TH, April 21
2pm, Regents 109
Prof. Ozlem Dilek
University of the District of Columbia
“Fluorescent probes and bioconjugation click chemistries for cellular imaging”
Host: Braselmann
TH, April 28
2pm, Regents 109
Prof. Jakub Kostal
George Washington University
“In silico chemical design: A Pythonic quest for the holy grail of a safe chemical”
Host: Ichiye
Wed, June 1
2:00pm, Reiss 262
Prof.Ashok Ganguli
Indian Institute of Technology (New Delhi)
“Structural modification in reverse micelles and growth of anisotropic nanostructures”
Tue, June 21
2:00pm, Regents 109
Orlando Stewart
Thesis Seminar:
“Synthetic Strategies to Lanthanide and Actinide Chalcogenide and Oxychalcogenide Nanomaterials”.
Host: Stoll
TH, June 30
2:00pm, Regents 109
Trevor Lyons
Thesis Seminar:
“Parameters Dictating Behavior of Cluster-Nanocarrier Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents”
Host: Stoll
TH, July 14
2:00pm, Regents 109
Archita Sripada
Thesis Seminar
Host: Wolf