Congratulations to our recent alumni...

Bachelor of Science


  • John J. Acccarino
  • Scott A. Barnett
  • Sophia T. Chung
  • Kathryn Easop
  • Jacob R. Eder
  • Matthew A. Emch
  • Alexander R. Graham
  • Gavin Ho
  • Mathew W. Hoffmann
  • Christopher S. Jenins
  • James N. Maher
  • Cameron Mohammadi
  • Jacob M. Modest
  • Liana K. Preudhomme
  • Paul E. Sackstein
  • Danielle Soldin
  • Christian G. Sparacino
  • Ciara H. Wallace
  • Mary J. Weiss


  • Lauren R. Abrams
  • Brooks J. Culotta
  • Timothy M. Huhges
  • Erick Y. Shon
  • Randy B. Aviado
  • Timothy P. Dougherty
  • Kristen M. Insana
  • Lindsay C. Wise
  • Joseph E. Barrows
  • Allison R. Harrigan
  • Jimin Kim
  • Fanny G. Yeung
  • Joseph R. Cendagorta
  • Brian F .Hencke
  • Maria I. Qayyum
  • Hebing Zhou
  • Michael P. Campbell
  • McKenzie E. Cato
  • Gary Devine
  • Joshua A. French
  • Elizabeth J. Hanna
  • Mark H. Hanscom
  • Daria L. Huang
  • Lauren J. Kronthal
  • Michael J. Lienhard
  • Antonio Loccisano
  • Gregory J. Manas
  • Kyle D. Pires
  • Zachary Z. Reese
  • Julia H. Roberts
  • Holly Tao
  • Mohammad Ali
  • Leslie R. Applegate
  • Leslie D. Cantley
  • Matthew F. Carpiniello
  • Nicole J. Jackson
  • Brian K. McGuire
  • Erin P. Mulholland
  • Vanessa C. Olton
  • Mark Real
  • Steven M. Ryckbosch
  • Karinne M. Van Groningen
  • Andrew D. Walls
  • Bethany L. Zablotsky
  • Ashley E. Zacca
  • Nicholas Calta
  • Olivia Chitayat
  • Timothy Costales
  • Oluseyi Fasoranti
  • Brian Fochtman
  • Kayla Fossen
  • Charles Hong
  • Paul Horn
  • Thomas Hsu-Yao
  • Brian Lee
  • Caroline Lee
  • Michael Manas
  • Jacqueline McCabe
  • Matthew Miessau
  • Allison O’Rourke
  • Michael Roumanos
  • Kamil Stefanowski
  • Cameron Sweeney
  • Amanda Walsh
  • Louisa Warren
  • David An
  • Ashley Bartell
  • Craig Birch
  • Gilda Bobele
  • Jonathan Brower
  • Alicia Chen
  • Breeana Grogan
  • Amy Hapip
  • Victoria Harrison
  • Kevin Jiang
  • Andrew Lambour
  • Hung Lin
  • Steven Menez
  • Eric Nellis
  • Katherine Nickley
  • Adaobi Okafor
  • Jarred Reed
  • Joseph Reilly
  • Christopher Robinson
  • Daniel Sheets
  • Alexander Sikes
  • Martin Tabor

Master of Science


  • Burcin Irfanoglu (Wolf)
  • Dianne Atienza (Tong)
  • Allan Cardenas (Warren)
  • Yangwei Liu (Tong)
  • Carina Minardi (Jorabchi)
  • Augusta Levendorf (Tong)
  • Peng Zhang (Wolf)
  • Mae Aguila (Warren)
  • Dianne Atienza (Tong)
  • Kelly Bogle (Roepe)
  • Allan Cardenas (Warren)
  • Kayla Lincoln (Stoll)
  • Basma Ragab (Yang)
  • Oksana Zaluzhna (Tong)
  • Lora Angelova (Weiss)
  • Basma Ragab (Yang)
  • Tao Yu (Weiss)
  • Sofi Bahgat (Warren)
  • Kathleen Ford (Rubinson)
  • Amanda Smaniotto (Ichiye)
  • Stephanee Synnott (Moasser)

Doctor of Philosophy


  • Mae Joanne B. Aguila (Warren)
  • Arrey B. Enyong (Moasser)
  • Monique Koppel (Moasser
  • Katy Sherlach (Roepe)
  • Stephanee Synnott (Moasser)
  • Lora Anglova (Weiss)
  • Dianne O. Atienza (Tong)
  • William Boncher (Stoll)
  • Allan Cardenas (Warren)
  • Sudeep Das (Moasser)
  • David Gavira (Roepe)
  • Alexander Gorka (Roepe)
  • Augusta M. Levendorf (Tong)
  • Brad Slipetz (Kertesz)
  • Peng Zhang (Wolf)
  • Raymond T. Gephart, III (Warren)
  • Srotoswini Kar (Stoll)
  • Janeth B. Presores (Swift)
  • Oksana Zaluzhna (Tong)
  • Mengping Zhu (Moasser)
  • Stephen D. Drake (Holman)
  • Marwan Ghosn (Wolf)
  • Ilana Goldberg (Swift)
  • Daniel Iwaniuk (Wolf)
  • Anthony Kammerich (Rubinson)
  • Sayon Kumalah (Holman)
  • Ying Li (Tong)
  • Yan Luo (Ichiye)
  • Scott Mough (Holman)
  • Michele Pablico (Stoll)
  • Clare Perrin (Swift)
  • Bradley Scott Perrin (Ichiye)
  • Alison Williams Reed (Metallo)
  • Yonghui Tian (Kertesz)
  • Stefan Wiese (Warren)
  • Hanhui Xu (Wolf)
  • Tao Yu (Weiss)
  • John Alumasa (Roepe)
  • Yohani Petero Kayinamura (Rubinson)
  • Huiguo Lai (Yang)
  • Jerez Te (Ichiye)
  • Ammanuel Zellelow (Swift)
  • Yosra Badei (Warren)
  • Mynthia Cabrera (Roepe)
  • Christina Capacci-Daniel (Swift)
  • Bingchen Du (Tong)
  • Dalia Hammoudeh (Metallo)
  • Kefeng Ma (Weiss)
  • Marie Melzer (Warren)
  • Michelle Paguio (Roepe)
  • Julie Mertzman Quinn (Stoll)
  • Kimberly Yearick Spangler (Wolf)
  • Ceren Susut (Tong)
  • Matthew Varonka (Warren)
  • Ariele Viacava-Follis (Metallo)

Alumni in the news

  • Oksana Love, (Ph.D. '12, Tong), joined her Alma Mater, the Department of Chemistry, Universiity of Northe Carolina at Ashville, as a visiting assistant professor.
  • Prof. Deborah Johnson, (Ph.D. '80, Yang) was named Dean of the Graduat School of Biomedical Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine.
  • Prof. Chi Van Dag, (Ph.D. '78, Yang), is the new Director of Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania Health System.
  • Kefeng Ma, (Ph.D. '09, Weiss) is now Associate Professor at Nanjing University of Sciences and Technology.
  • Christopher Chung (Ph.D. '89, Yang) is now Professor and Division Chief of Pediatrics at Nemour DuPont Hospital at Wilmington, DE.
  • Apryll Stalcup (Ph.D. ’88, Martire) Director, Irish Separation Science Cluster, National Centre for Sensor Research at Dublin City University.
  • Brian Rasley (Ph.D. '98, Kulaweic) was awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.
  • Scott Auerbach (C ’88) UMass-Amherst Professor reports a bountiful and exciting year regarding his group’s studies in biofuels, see Fall 2010 Hoya Chimica, #26
  • Leah B. Casabianca (Ph.D. ’09, de Dios) awarded a 24-month Fulbright Post-doctoral Research Fellowship at the Weizmann Institute of Science along with an NSF International Research Fellowship Award, see Fall 2010 Hoya Chimica, #26
  • Cheol-Ho Choi (Ph.D. ’98, Kertesz), a Professor at Kyungpook National University, received several distinguished awards: 2008 University Research Accomplishment, and the 2009 Korean Chemical Society Young Physical Chemist
  • Mukund S. Chorgade (Ph.D. ’83, Hammer) elected as a 2010 ACS Fellow
  • Victoria Harrison (C ’10) awarded Northwestern University Excellence in teaching award
  • Ulrich Kortz (Ph.D. ’95, Pope), full Chemistry professor at Jacobs University (Bremen, Germany), organized an International Polyoxometalate Symposium in July 2009
  • P. J. (Paul Joseph) Lukac (C ’07), a Columbia University Medical School student, works in a Chicago lab towards a cure for a form of cancer he has acquired,,,
  • Irit Sagi (Ph.D. ’92, Chance) promoted in 2005 to Pontecorvo Professorial Chair in the Department of Structural Biology at the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel
  • Amanda Smaniotto (M.S. ’10, Ichiye) teaches at St. John’s College High School, Washington D.C.
  • Apryll Stalcup (Ph.D. ’88, Martire), University of Cincinnati Chemistry professor, honored as the 2011 Cincinnati Section of the American Chemical Society’s “Chemist of the Year”. Professor Stalcup also published an article about tenure in academia
  • Shibu Abraham, (Ph.D. '12, Weiss), was promoted to engineering manager at SBG Labs, Inc.
  • Eugene G. Cassis, (M.S. '80, Weiss), was elected by the board of directors of the Waters Associates Company to be interim Chief Financial Officer effective February 2014.
  • Tao Yu, (Ph.D. '11, Weiss), was promoted to a position as a Technical Manager at Bayer's Coating and Adhesive business unit.
  • Atabak Roaee, (Ph.D. '02, Yang), moved back to Washington, DC and is now a patent attorney at the Washington DC offce of the international law firm McDermott Will & Emery LLP.
  • Gerald O. Brown, (Ph.D. ‘03, Weiss), a DuPont Senior Chemist selected as DuPont Fellows Associate
  • Xiao Huang (Ph.D. ’06, Weiss) joined the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics. His work utilizes products from a business run by Kefeng Ma (Ph.D. ’09, Weiss)
  • Mark Sonnenschein (Ph.D. ’87, Weiss) promoted as Dow Chemical Fellow, 1 of 10 in the entire company
  • Sarah Swigart (C ’08) is happily employed at PRTM Management Consultants working on health care issues, see Fall 2010 Hoya Chimica, #26
  • Patrick J. Treado (C ’85) founder and chief technology officer at ChemImage, received the 2010 Williams-Wright Award from the Coblentz Society. See March 29, 2010 issue of C&E News
  • Rasha Hammamieh (Ph.D. '98, Yang) is now Deputy Director of Integrative and Systems Biology at US Army Center for Environmental Health.
  • Jingsong Huang (Ph.D. ’06, Kertesz) promoted to permanent staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratories
  • Kwabena Yiadom (Ph.D. ’02, Yang) and family are moving to London on assignment from the Department of Defense
New Horizons
  • Kateri DuBay (C ’02) received her Ph.D. degree, University of California, Berkeley
  • Victoria Harrison (C ’09), a former undergraduate researcher in the Rubinson group, started Ph.D. studies at Northwestern University
  • Charles R. Hong (C ’10) matriculated to the Washington University School of Medicine
  • Dylan Kwait (C ’01) finished his intern year in internal medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan
  • Angelo Ostuni (C ‘ 97; M.S. ’98) works for the European Institute of Oncology, Division of Head and Neck Surgery
  • Linnea Weiss (C ’98) received her Ph.D. degree in molecular & cellular developmental biology at Yale, in addition to the John Spangler Nicholas Prize for outstanding doctoral candidates in experimental zoology
  • Shujiang Yang (Ph.D. ’07, Kertesz) moved to Chicago for a joint Post-doctoral appointment at the University of Chicago and the Argonne National Laboratory
Families and Friends
  • Yu-Zhe Chen, (Weiss Post-Doc) appointed Assistant Professor, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS, Beijing
  • Scilla Grassi (Weiss) married Tomasso Rosati in Italy, summer 2009. P. J. Lukac (C’ 07) and Taisuke Yamada (Weiss) attended
  • David Hyde-Volpe (REU Summer 2009, Kertesz) involved in modeling DNA-molecular interactions, and preparing for graduate studies
  • Xiao Huang (Ph.D. ’06, Weiss) and wife, Yujing, announce the arrival of their second son, Eric Jiayuan Huang
  • David L. Hoof (Pope Post-doc) published his 7th novel, Triple Jeopardy, Shadow Line Press
  • Ryan Vary (REU Summer 2008, Kertesz) began graduate studies at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Takashi Yumura (Kertesz Post-doc) enjoys current position as Assistant Professor at Kyoto Institute of Technology

In memoriam

Emeritus Professor Vaclav Horak, January 12, 2014. see Spring 2014 Hoya Chimica, #29 tribute

Silvia Carlota Termes (Ph.D. ’77, Pope)
October 20, 2010
see Fall 2010 Hoya Chimica, #26 tribute